This song is dedicated to Anna Campbell (1991–2018). She was a British feminist, anarchist and activist from Lewes (UK) who fought with the Kurdish Womenʼs Protection Units (YPJ) in Syria. She was the first British woman to die fighting for the Kurdish forces in Rojava. She died under the Turkeyʼs bombs in March 2018 after Erdogan ordered to attack Afrin despite it was still full of civilians. The result was 200.000 displaced people, and 300 dead. Rojava consists of three autonomous regions (Afrin, Jazira and Kobane), on the border of Turkey and Syria. Rojava is an active, historically unique socio-political experiment. It is a stateless direct democracy consisting of bottom-up self-governing structures. It is a feat of cooporative anarchism. It is a true alternative to the embraced nation state systems that do nothing but dominate and fail, mindlessly looping through history. Rojava defends itself with DIY weaponry and anything they can get off the black market or scavenge from ISIS. It has diverse voluntary forces that consist of groups like the YPG (The Peopleʼs Protection Units), YPJ (Womanʼs Protection Unit) & PKK (Peopleʼs Defense Force). From September 2014 to January 2015 Kobane was under siege by Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant. Most of the city was destroyed but the YPG and YPJ militia held out and the city was liberated. FUCK DEASH, FUCK FUNDAMENTALISM AND PATRIARCHY – SUPPORT ROJAVA


Grazie a Luigi D’Alife per la fiducia e il supporto ma sopratutto per aver messo insieme un progetto documentaristico così fico e potente come Binxêt – Sotto il confine.

“Binxet – Sotto il confine” è un viaggio tra vita e morte, dignità e dolore, lotta e libertà. Si svolge lungo i 911 km del confine turco-siriano. Da una parte l’ISIS, dall’altra la Turchia di Erdogan. In mezzo il confine ed una speranza. Questa speranza si chiama Rojava…